Behind "SC x VIGO" Collection

Mariana Vidal

 It’s been a while since we've wanted to start collaborating with local artists to create exclusive and unique patterns for our sustainable swimsuits.  It’s also never an easy task for two creative minds to connect, get along and flow smoothly throughout any artistic process - which is why it took plenty of time for us to find our perfect match to start in this new journey.  

We officially met Susana in a trunk show, made by local designer YAYI, that took place in the MADMI (Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar, Puerto Rico) a few months ago.  I had been following her in social media for a while, had seen her distinctive murals in different parts of the island and was completely mesmerized by her unique way of connecting every work with the other.  I remember day dreaming of those colorful and peculiar patterns being printed in one of my designs.  As we already know it, the universe always conspires in our favor when we consciously ask for what we want and work towards it.  While sipping on some delicious white wine and chit-chatting a bit, I casually asked and proposed to her the possibility of using her art in my next collection.  To my surprise, she immediately agreed and that same day we set a date to meet up! Yep, it's crazy how small we can feel when we admire someone and can't seem to level up, even though we too have our own special gifts and magic.  

 Susana has a very sweet, warm and bubbly personality. I could see herself in all the different paintings and patterns she showed me in our meeting. It’s amazing how art is without a doubt a way of portraying who we are inside, what we feel, what we see and what we want to communicate to the world. I immediately felt our connection and knew this was it to launch our very first local collaboration.  We were both completely emerged in the moment and couldn't stop giggling while imagining our arts coming together as one.

 We had planned a very nice and magical trunk show to launch this collection by the end of October, but we had a few setbacks and couldn't make the magic happen.  We patiently waited and kept telling each other that everything happens for a reason and the meaning of these setbacks where nothing but positive!  After a few more weeks, we finally got our beautiful "SC x VIGO" fabrics and we can't be more in love with them!  I chose a few of our best seller styles and am also working on creating a few cover-ups (coming soon)! This collection will be showcased before the year ends. Stay tuned for the official date and details! 














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