From the countryside, to the beach, to the city.  A collection focused in versatility.

It has been a while since I have been wanting to create a collection where I have felt fully connected with.  And for some beautiful reason this one is it. It's not easy to find inspiration every time we sit down having to start a new collection.  It’s what we have been taught to do when changing seasons. It is in fact, one of the hardest parts of being a designer, no matter the industry.  I have personally struggled to maintain a specific agenda in when and where I will develop a new collection.  It is why I have always felt apart from my colleagues and other designers I admire. I see how they meticulously design, illustrate, source and make samples for new collections a few times in a year.  This has made me doubt myself as being a great designer or as I sometimes see myself, a brand creator.  But I guess this is what makes our brand particular and unusual.  The creative process of any artist is a very personal one, and I will share a glimpse of mine.  I have come to acknowledge that the way I start any creative process is letting my thoughts, feelings and daily experiences guide me.  Whenever I see something that speaks to me, I grab my book and sketch something.  Whenever I meet someone that inspires me, I grab the notebook and write about it.  Whenever I visit a new place outside my comfort zone, I write about it.  When I see unusual colors in nature, I take a picture.  If I see an animal or insect with a distinctive pattern, it goes into my camera roll or sketchbook as well. Then I grab little bits of everything I have written and sketched and start puzzling it into a random mood board. And if by any chance I am not feeling it, I just let it be and keep working on other stuff.   I don't like forcing it because I usually dislike the outcome when I do.   I also like letting my personal feelings and experiences flow into the creative process. It is like letting my intuition guide my soul into the process until it transforms and suddenly feels completely natural.  I begin to feel confident in what I am creating and my gut starts to choose colors, patterns, styles, vibes, and so on.  This is when the magic starts to happen.  It is a beautiful thing. 

You see, it is not necessary to make 3-5 collections a year, especially for us who live in a tropical island.  We practically live in summer all year long.  When you are developing something new,  you have to work non-stop on new designs, new patterns, new fabrics, new trims and new samples.  Sometimes ending in new anxiety.   All of this just to see if it works, if it sells, if the public likes it.  This has been one of the fast fashion industry's main problem as they over produce goods and most of the times, if they don’t sell by the end of season sales, they end up going to landfills. This cycle repeats itself between seasons, every year.  It is clear it is not a sustainable production system and it is why at Vigo Swim we don’t follow these rules and only create new collections when it feels right.  It is also why we focus in creating quality pieces and also offer mending if torn after much use. We want you to love and cherish your Vigo forever.

This year due to the pandemic, my creative process got a little messy. I moved around the island (I'm like a nomad sometimes, lol), from the city to the countryside, to the beach and back to the city.  And it is why it took a little longer than expected to develop this collection.  This whole COVID-19 situation got us all out of orbit, obligating us to create new habits while living in uncertainty.  Although it has been a very challenging year, it has also been one of growth, lessons and transformation.  It has been a good opportunity to sit down and dive deep into our souls to connect with our truest selves again.  An opportunity for introspection.  Who we are, what we want and where are we going.  Accepting new challenges and creating new realities.  I’ve seen so many women who I personally admire going through different stages and overcoming obstacles due to mental and physical health and it has inspired me deeply. This collection is dedicated to you. To the women who don’t give up. The ones who accept their faults and love themselves anyway.  The ones who live in awareness to learn how to live in harmony with others.  To the women who live by their own rules, shine by their own light, embrace transitions and mostly, respect and treasure nature in every way.  HYBDRID is dedicated to all the women who have evolved into their best version, allowing changes and growth be the foundation of their journey through life.  These pieces are designed to be worn when, where and how you want it, giving them a more practical life in your closet and your traveling bag.  Our prints are designed by one of our favorite artists, Julia West, who also was the artist in our ‘Original’ collection.  Everything else was designed and made here in Puerto Rico.  Thank you to everyone that some way or another have been part of Vigo and this journey.  Thank you to the women who inspire me every day to keep being and loving myself.  We hope you love this collection as much as we do! 





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