A few months ago Clarisa, a swimsuit connoisseur, approached me with the idea of making a capsule collection in collaboration with her future brand (Mar)criá.  A concept she has been dreaming of ever since she worked in the advertising industry.  She told me she had discovered a very talented collage artist and thought that her work would look amazing in my swimsuits, and as soon as she showed me kamilla’s Instagram page I said, “vamo’ allá”. 

Kamilla Varga, born and raised in a small town in Hungary, believes in turning all raw emotions into creative fuel.  Her main sources of inspiration are her deepest thoughts, her dreams, music, experiences, and real-life events.  Through her work, she wants to capture our complexities, strengths, vulnerabilities, and individuality by highlighting the multifaceted nature of womanhood. Her message is to embrace the goddesses within us. To take up space, to be bold, to be loud, and not worry about what others think; because we are magic.  In this specific collaboration, the ocean was key as the main inspiration.  Kamilla knew she wanted to create something both bold and simple.  Being fond of flowers, she was certain they would be a key element in one of the designs.  She wrote, “I envisioned the patterns looking magical under crystal-clear water or at sunset while sipping a delicious fresh drink with a gentle breeze in your hair, and even though I am an earth sign, water is the most calming thing in the world for me; it's perfect for any mood”.  After a few sketches and ideas between Clarisa and Kamilla, the four magical prints were finally finished - and this is where Vigo comes in.  

When Clarisa showed me the final arts my heart dropped.  I had never really worked with original collage arts that looked so raw and profound.  I immediately imagined them in Vigo’s signature styles and in limited quantities for an exclusive collection.  After two meetings where we both brainstormed while sipping margaritas, we finally decided which styles were the chosen ones and which prints would go together.  This is the very first collection in 8 years that will be produced in only two prefixed print combinations, sized and coverage.  There will be 8 of each available, counting up to only 42 pieces.

Thank you Clarisa for producing this project and making this collaboration a reality.  We are beyond excited to share this collection with you and hope you all love it as much as we do. 

Special thanks to:

Mood Studios - Creative Direction

Gypsy Sunrise Visuals - Photographer

Kamilla Varga - Artist

Mariela Candelario - Model

Coral Otero - Model

Nainoshka Pagán - Model